Activities & Area Information

Activities & Area Information

Activities & Area Information

You can rent a boat for a whole day!

And in fact without even having a diploma !!!

And the best part? We can have it available for you at 30m from Mirto Apartments !!! Get out of our hostel, get on the boat and leave !!!!

We have two suggestions for you:

The first is Volos Pelion Rent a Boat.

Alexander can bring you the boat to the pier of Afissos, at about 10am and you can return it to the same point at 6 pm. The boat can accommodate up to 5 people.

Inside the boat there is a gps device that ensures that its position can be located at any time.

Alexander also gives you a gps device with predefined suggestions, as far as the possible best routes you can follow. He explains the necessary instructions needed for the operation of the boat and then you are free to go.

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George and Anna had for 30 years a wonderful alternative cafe in the central square of Afissos "Oasis".

All of us who have grown up in Afissos have spent endless nights in the legendary "Oasis" discussing and drinking the wonderful cocktails George made, locals and travelers sitting all together.

A loving couple with a special philosophy for life that includes love for nature, reading, sports, children, vegan food and meditation. George is also a Reiki teacher, Anna is a Pilates teacher and the parents of two teenage boys.

In 2019 they decided to make a big turn in their lives. They closed the cafe and created the Cycle plus Hike. We miss them very much but we are very happy to follow them in their new venture.

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We have chosen for you one of the many suggestions Cycleplushike offers.

" Seaside ride"

A great suggestion if you have a family with children from 8 years old who know cycling well.

You drive by your car to Kato Gatzea around 10.30 in the morning. It is 9 km from Afissos, about a quarter of a distance. George and Anna are waiting for you there.

Alternatively, if you do not have a car or if you prefer not to drive, there is the possibility for George and Anna to come and pick you up from our hostel without any extra charge.

You get on your bikes and start your coastal ride passing by the beach of Kala Nera and Koropi.

The best part, however, is when you turn and head into the forest. When you reach a certain point, you will leave the bikes and walk for about 10 minutes, until you reach the best view you have ever seen......

The landscape is dreamy. Tall trees which generously offer their shade, birds chirping, beautiful little waterfalls and hidden small lakes. Of course you will have your swimming suit with you to swim!

Afterwards, George and Anna will have a picnic ready for you in the forest, so as to relax and enjoy the nature. Something light, of course, so that you can then cycle back to kato Gatzea.

The duration of the "Seaside Ride" is 3 and a half hours and the degree of difficulty is "easy".

If you want to do something different one day of your holidays, we highly recommend it.

We thank George and Anna for the special offer they made only for our customers.

  • Cost 40 euros per person
  • Pick up and return by their mini van to our hostel free of charge (if you do not want to use your car)



ΙFOM (Horse Riding Club of Milies) plans and carries out horseback riding trips (one-hour rides for beginners and full-day rides for experienced riders) in order to help children and grown-ups to get in touch with the horses and have a pleasant moment in the natural environment of Pelion.

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Are you fond of the sea? Are you looking to do something different during your vacation without leaving Afissos? If so we have an unique proposal for you.

Have you ever considered diving?

Zumbosub diving school and diving center are located on Kalifteri beach, the first beach you meet before entering the center of our village. There is private parking but it is only a 15 minute walk from our hostel.

If you have a family you can arrange to go for a day swim in Kalifteri and any member of the family who is in the mood can try the "Discover Scuba diving" programm.

If you have a child 10 years and older you can experiment together! An opportunity to spend time together with your child and gain a common memory, which you will discuss throughout the winter!

But even if you have younger children aged 8, they can join the "Bubblemaker" program. They will make bubbles through scuba diving, they will breathe for the first time at a depth of up to 2 meters, they will have fun playing in shallow water!

Of course if you are a certified diver or if you want to get an additional certification the Zumbosub diving center can support you in your every need.

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We thank Mr. Christos Zoumpos for the special offer he makes only for our customers, 20% discount on the final price.

You can contact on your own or you can ask us to book the program you are interested in.